Bitcoin to Tulips 🌷

A Chrome extension that replaces all references to Bitcoin on Twitter with tulip 🌷 emojis.

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**Made in 🇨🇳 using a VPN in a coffee shop by someone who taught himself how to build a Chrome Extension for this sole purpose.

Why does this matter?

Because Blockchain

Over the last year, the price of Bitcoin has shot from around $1000 to $0. Blockchain blockchain, science science, math, algorithms, hash rate, mining pool yadda yadda yadda.

Blockchain Technology

This is supposed to sound impressive to make you want it.

Ding Ding

It can probably keep going up until it reaches $1 Million

Science and Facts

Here are all the reasons "this time it's different"

Buying Frenzy

Look! All your friends are getting rich! BITCOIN TO THE MOON!!!!

(I literally taught myself how to use an API with Javascript today just to be able to put in the live Bitcoin price).


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What you get for just

/ month

  • A useless Chrome Extension
  • Shame + Regret
  • Funding my retirement
  • *Just kidding... it's obviously free*
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Most Common Questions

No, but I do get free Bitcoin anytime someone uses these links to sign up for the following exchanges.
So... go do that. (Also yay! All three of these work in Canada 🇨🇦! )

Sign up for Coinbase   Sign up for QuadrigaCX   Sign up for Coinsquare

There is only one correct answer: Steak Network.   Shoutout to my buddy Matt Condon
I honestly have no idea... I was sitting at a coffee shop in China, and it just came to me. I was heavily inspired by my friends Casey and Matt who made Send Crypto People Tulips.
I'm just a dude from 🇨🇦 who likes to learn how to do stuff and put it out there. I used to be one of the organizers of Hacker Paradise.

Now I'm the Community Manager for a coding bootcamp in Toronto called Lighthouse Labs

You can read more about my exciting life on my website.

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